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September 2011 – A week of devastation

The first week of September 2011 still burns in many Bastrop, Texas families’ minds and memories.  It was that week that wildfires ravaged this small city.  The wildfires were the worst on record in Texas history, destroying more than 34,000 acres of property and over 1,600 homes. The impact of this tragedy has deeply affected Bastrop.  In the aftermath of this devastating disaster, many families have been forced to find temporary housing until such time that they can begin to repair everything that they have lost. 

The Healing Process

Now that the wildfires have been contained, it becomes time to rebuild the Bastrop, Texas community.  Families who have lost their houses are in desperate need of reputable contractors to assist them in rebuilding their homes, and in turn, their lives.  We want to help reestablish the area by putting families in need in touch with contractors who possess the expertise in clean up, demolition, remodeling, and new custom home building they need.

We offer three services to families whose Bastrop property and homes have been affected by the wildfires:
  • Cleanup / Demolition
  • Remodeling
  • Custom Home Building
Every contractor we refer is a licensed professional whose reputation in the industry is impeccable.  Each contractor has a minimum of 15 years of experience and is widely touted for providing exceptional customer service – a quality of vital importance to both you and us.