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Clean Up and Demolition

The Bastrop, Texas wildfires may have been contained and no longer threaten the city.  Yet the devastation they have caused to the community has been enormous.  Homes across Bastrop lie in ruins, gutted by the flames and, in some cases, burnt completely to the ground.  Hundreds of families have been displaced, unable to return to their homes until they have been remodeled or rebuilt.  For obvious reasons, these families are eager to get back home and reclaim a normal life. For these remodeling and new home building repairs to even get underway however, cleanup and demolition of the property and ruined homes need to first take place.

Cleanup and demolition services entail removing all of the debris that remains on the property in the aftermath of the wildfires. This could necessitate the clean up of a small amount of debris such as the removal of charred furniture and pieces of wall from a partially damaged room of a room. On the opposite end of the spectrum, it could require the complete demolition and removal of a ruined house and the surrounding landscaping.  However large the scope of the project, this is a vital first step in the rebuilding process since no remodeling or new home rebuilding can occur until the old material is first removed from the property or home. Remodeling contractors and custom home builders need a clean slate in order to start their part of the process – and a safe one, at that.

We understand that you are anxious to get the rebuilding process started and are here to help you make good, solid choices about your home repair project.  Our cleanup and demolition services contractor has over 30 years of experience in the removal of construction and materials debris.  The company has worked on cleanup and demolition projects of all shapes and sizes, from small cleanup jobs to huge property clearing endeavors.  They work quickly and efficiently, ensuring that the job gets done in as little time as possible.  Our cleanup and demolition contractor also has an impeccable safety record.  We are confident you will be pleased with their work effort and their superior customer service.