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Custom Homes

Rebuilding the home you lost can be a daunting task for many homeowners.  If the emotional drain of losing your beloved house is not enough, the hassle of finding the right construction company and overseeing the home building process is overwhelming.  We understand the stress and strain that you are feeling and are committed to making the rebuilding of your Bastrop home as easy as possible.

A custom home gives you complete control over the design, layout and appearance of your new Bastrop home.  Get the large walk-in closets or bay windows you have always wanted, but lacked, in your previous home.  Increase your home’s footprint by expanding and increasing the interior square footage. Add a bedroom or another bathroom.  Or simply recreate the home you recently lost to the devastating September 2011 fire.  What you most desire – this is what you can get out of a custom home.  It is tailor-made to fit your needs.

Not all Bastrop home contractors can provide you with the superior customer service and quality you deserve.  Our Custom Homes developer has been in the industry for over 15 years as a home builder and is widely respected as a premier construction company.  The contractor has extensive experience with the design and development of homes of all sizes and price ranges, from affordable villas to luxurious estates.  Their team of highly skilled architects, interior designers, builders and master craftsmen will work together and combine their expertise.  The result is a wide array of architectural styles and floor plans that you can choose from to match to your particular lifestyle, aesthetics, and price range.