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Remodeling a kitchen can completely change the look of a house, since so much of a family’s activity is typically centered on the kitchen area.  Consider new countertops to dramatically alter the look of your kitchen.  There are hundreds of choices: different types, styles and colors including granite, formica and stainless steel.  Cabinetry can also alter the appearance of the kitchen.  Add new cabinets, take out redundant unused ones, or simply change the cabinetry color.  If you find yourself short on countertop space, you should consider a kitchen island that will provide you with added workspace to prepare food.  A new sink and faucet can update a kitchen easily and inexpensively.  Remodeled kitchens often require new appliances as well. Consider looking into energy saving appliances that consume less energy and save you money. Finally, changing the lighting in a kitchen to make it brighter or more dramatic can completely alter its look. The possibilities are endless!